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Skype Free Download

free download

Make calls through your smartphone, computer, or tablet


Skype is an extremely popular instant messaging service which uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). It was developed independently and released in 2003, subsequently being bought in 2011 by Microsoft. Today's version of Skype bears little resemblance to the version first released. In simple terms, Skype allows you to remain in contact with friends and family that live far from where you do, using peer-to-peer technology. This is the main appeal and the principal use that people usually have for it.

This program allows you to remain in contact and regularly communicate with your friends and relatives through your mobile phone, computer, or tablet

There are three ways of communicating via Skype: talking, video and Instant Messaging. You can talk if you have a microphone, talk with visuals if you both have a webcam, or you can just type and send instant messages, whichever you prefer. Nowadays, this communication can be also done through different devices: through your computer, mobile phone or tablet which can connect to the internet. You can also use it with PlayStation Vita or in an iPod touch. It doesn’t matter if you are in the street or at home, you could make free calls with your smartphone such as Android, Windows Phone, iPhone or BlackBerry, or talk with your family using your iPad or Galaxy tablet.

However, these are not the only uses that this well-known VoIP system. This download has also become even more popular thanks to its file transfer and videoconferencing features. This way, you can easily share your documents, images or even videos with your contacts. You don’t even have to open a new window to perform any of these tasks: the transferring process works in the background without having to stop your conversation.

To be premium or not be premium

Skype, as with similar VoIP systems, offers you the possibility of upgrading your account from the free to the premium access. Both of them are complete systems, with the main difference being based on what your principal use for the software is. Let’s examine the differences between them:

Free account offers you the common online Skype-to-Skype video and voice calls facility. As we mentioned above, these let you talk and interact using video with anyone you want, using its peer-to-peer technology. You can also share your screen while you are making a video or voice call. This means, you are able to share your documents, images and other files without any problems. This option is recommended for those of you who just want to use Skype for personal use and not for professional purposes.

Premium account gives you the opportunity to increase features available on the free version. For example, you can make group video calls of up to 10 people together - videoconferencing, and only one of the group needs to be a premium member. You can also share you screen with the hole group, it includes live chat customer support, and it also excludes any advertising. Finally, one of the most outstanding features of this option is the unlimited calls to a country or region that you want to make, even with your smartphones such as Android, Windows Phone, iPhone or BlackBerry. Premium account is usually used for professional purposes, but it’s also a great alternative if you live abroad from your friends and family.

Skype Features

Skype includes the following features:

  • Online Skype-to-Skype video and voice calls keeping you in contact with friends and relatives
  • Share your screen with others
  • File transfer feature to share your documents, images or videos with your contacts
  • The opportunity of making group video calls with up to 10 people together
  • It supports different devices such as Android, Windows Phone, iPhone or BlackBerry phones, TV, tablets, computers, landlines, PlayStation Vita or iPod touch, among others
  • The possibility of sending instant messages
  • Live chat customer support
  • Unlimited calls with the premium option

If you want to read more about this download, you can do so on the developer’s website

System Requirements

If you want to download Skype, we recommend that you check the system requirements beforehand:

  • Operating System: Windows XP with SP3 or higher
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • HDD: 20 MB
  • DirectX v9.0 or above

free download


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